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Our Team

Beholding & Becoming Counseling Services exists to offer hope, healing and transformative truth to those who are dealing with the complicated issues of this life. We offer compassionate biblically-based counseling for individuals, couples and families. We also come alongside local churches, para-church organizations and other community groups throughout Volusia County, to provide resources and training to those desiring to minister to those around them.




MELISSA AFFOLTER | Melissa sensed from a young age that God was calling her to come alongside those experiencing suffering. She has served in counseling, youth and women's ministries for over fifteen years in her local church. She previously worked as a teacher and curriculum writer. In 2011, she completed a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling. Since that time, Melissa has furthered her training with The Global Trauma Recovery Institute and Called to Peace Ministries. She is the Executive Director and Founder of Beholding & Becoming. Her areas of experience include: anxiety, depression, abuse, teenage development, relational conflict, marriage/family issues, and life changes. Melissa lives in Deltona, Florida. She enjoys spending time reading, writing and laughing with her friends. 


TOMMY CLAYTON | Tommy has been an ordained minister of the gospel for over a decade. He has pastored in college and young couples/family ministries, and currently serves as Lead Pastor at GraceLife Church in Deltona. Tommy assists Melissa with some of the marriage and family counseling we do at Beholding & Becoming. He is eager to help others see how the power of the gospel can transform relationships. Tommy married the love of his life, Sarah, in 2004 and they have six children. 


JEFF ECKERT | Jeff serves as Lead Pastor at GraceLife Beachside in Ormond-by-the-Sea. He has previously served as an Associate Pastor of GraceLife Church in Deltona. Jeff has several years of experience in the counseling room and is passionate about utilizing counseling as a means of reaching those outside the Church. He is certified with The Association of Biblical Counselors. Jeff has been married to Lauren for ten years this August, and they have three sons. 


NANCY HARWOOD | Nancy and her husband, Keith, have been ministering the local church for over thirty years. Nancy holds an MDiv with a concentration in counseling, and has been involved in teaching and mentoring women throughout her ministry. With her husband, Nancy has provided counseling services to many couples. Nancy lives in Ormond Beach, where and her husband enjoy spending time with their four adult children and one granddaughter. 


MELISSA YOON | Melissa is a lover of Jesus who is passionate about spreading the Gospel to as many people as possible. She is enthusiastic about ministry opportunities and seeing those around her exercise their God-given gifts and talents in all aspects of life. Melissa is married to her amazing husband Andy, and they have four children. She holds an undergraduate degree in policitcal science and a Master's in City and Regional Planning with a concentration in Urban Development. Currently, she owns a real estate corporation and is the CFO/visionary of her husband's dental practice.



ABBY ALAM | Abby is a follower of Christ, a wife to Abe, and a mama to Evelyn. She has served her local church and non-profits full-time for 10 years. She is employed as Administrator at Restoration Church in Port Orange. She is especially passionate about how the Gospel affects raising children and currently co-hosts the Tending Lambs podcast, which covers various aspects of parenting and childhood from a Christian worldview. When she isn't chasing her very energetic daughter around, Abby enjoys studying theology and early childhood development, spending time with friends, and cooking for her family.


STEPHEN COLLINS | Stephen first believed the gospel of Christ at the age of fifteen. Since then the Lord has been near to Stephen in good times and difficulties. By God’s grace Stephen has grown in his love for the Lord, for His people, and for the lost. He believes the gospel of Christ is the final answer to all of life’s problems. He longs to see the Lord at work in him, around him, and through him. Stephen is the Associate Headmaster at Riverbend Academy in Ormond Beach, Florida. He loves to read literature, philosophy, and theology. Stephen enjoys surfing, swimming, lifting weights, and grilling meat. He is married to Elizabeth, his most gracious and loving wife. They have four daughters, each their daddy's heart and barrels of fun. Stephen believes Beholding & Becoming is sharing in Christ's work of healing and nourishing the flock of God and wants to participate as he might in such a loving work.

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