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Partnering Churches

One of our key objectives at Beholding & Becoming is to serve as a resource for the local church. We believe that people change most when they participate in community with others, worshiping corporately, serving alongside one another and finding encouragement as they walk through this life together. We never want the counseling offered at B&B to replace the regular preaching of God's Word or to distract one from pursuing ongoing discipleship in their church body.

Keeping that goal in mind, we've sought to carefully connect ourselves to local churches where we believe people will hear the Gospel preached clearly, and where they can find help and hope as they continue to be transformed. 

What is a partnering church?

You may be wondering what a church partnership means in terms of how B&B functions. It's pretty simple. Church partners are local churches whose leadership has formally indicated a desire to partner with and support B&B. That support comes in a number of forms: regular financial gifts, provision of specific resources we need to carry out our vision, granting us office space to meet with clients, leadership development, and other forms of assistance.

Most importantly, these partner churches have purposefully connected with B&B, initiating regular contact with us to find out how they can help us meet the counseling needs of those we serve. The leaders of these churches have extended their counsel, encouragement, and tangible gifts to help grow our ministry. 

How does this benefit the partnering church?

The local churches who choose to partner with B&B are not only meeting a critical need for B&B, by providing necessary resources. They are also receiving support from us in the form of discounted counseling services for their church members. While these local churches are already providing the primary discipleship and counseling care for their members, there may be times when an individual is in need of specialized or long-term counseling services.

There are also times when we receive counseling inquiries from those in the community who may have not yet connected to a local church. As we counsel them at B&B, we appreciate knowing that we can draw upon our partnering churches as a resource to help them get connected in a local congregation for longer term care and discipleship. 

Who are our partnering churches?

GraceLife Church - Deltona has maintained a close relationship with us from the start. The GraceLife church family has consistently used their creativity and gifts to provide important funding for B&B, and has assisted us with several logistical/administrative needs (including a primary office space in West Volusia). You can learn more about GraceLife at their website. 

GraceLife Church - Beachside kicked off their partnership with B&B for 2018, bringing additional counseling experience to our leadership team, and allowing us to more effectively reach those on the northeast side of Volusia County. You can find more information about GraceLife Beachside here